5 Reasons To Call A Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners have an idea of what improvements they would like to make to increase the value their home. Roof repairs are often put off or overlooked because the process can seem quite daunting. However leaky or damaged roof can seriously impact your home re-sale value and even your family’s health. Below are some tips to help you know when it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor.

1. A leaking roof

If your roof is leaking, even slightly, there is no putting off repairs. A leaking roof can be a health issue for yourself and your family due to mildew and mold. Sometimes the draining does not flow sufficiently and rainwater resides, which allows mold and mildew to grow. This can lead to respiratory issues as well as weaken the structure. Mold and mildew can be damaging to your entire home. It’s best to take care of this problem immediately to avoid further mold growth.

If you can access the your home’s attic, look at the underside of your roofing. If you can see water stains, it indicates a roof leak is allowing water to run underneath the shingles.

2. Damaged or missing shingles

If you can safely reach your gutters and downspouts look to see if there are small piles of black or gray granules. They can be a sign the roof shingles have are reaching the end of their life span.

Your roof can sustain damage as a result of low quality shingles and normal weather damage. They can crack, tear, or even break off completely. Shingles can be made of wood, slate, fiber cement, metal, and plastic. The most common shingle are asphalt shingles with a fiberglass base. Have a professional roofing contractor install your shingles, if installed correctly asphalt shingles can last for up to fifty years.

3. Cracked, loose or worn gaskets around vent stacks and chimneys

Any raised areas where roof shingles meet or edge protrusions are more likely to fail in comparison to the entire roof system. Improperly applied or failed caulking or flashing can cause roof leaks. Roofing contractors have the experience to help you identify these areas.

4. Sagging

If you roof is sagging it can mean a number of things and can be visibly noticeable from even the interiors of your house. The original material could have weakened over time due to water damage or deterioration. The roofing materials could have been faulty or installed incorrectly, in this case it’s always best to consult a professional roofing contractor.

5. Roof age

Along with everything listed, knowing your roof’s age is extremely important for determining whether you should consider investing in repairs or a roof replacement. Most roofs are designed to last about 25 years, so if your roof is approaching this, you should keep an eye on your roof and partner with a roofing contractor to have a plan in place.

The roof on your house deserves extra time and attention. After all it covers your whole house including your family!