Why A Licensed Roofing Contractor Association Badge Matters

Home maintenance can be an expensive task, and depending on what needs to be fixed, it can also be dangerous. One of the most dangerous areas to take care of is the roof. Simple maintenance, like cleaning the gutters, is enough hard work for most, but when things get really tricky, hiring a professional is the ideal move.

Hiring a professional can be essential in evaluating the type of work that needs to be done. What could be a simple patch up job on the surface might be a much bigger problem in disguise. It can be hard to know what to look for, and so important repair tasks should be left to a professional. Try using a trade association to find your next repairman. Trade associations serve as a business directory as well as an informational resource for homeowners. You can learn roofing terminology and even subscribe to newsletters.

Whether you’re using a trade association or searching elsewhere for a pro to hire, be mindful of LRCA (Licensed Roofing Contractor Association) badges. Licensed contractors might be affiliated with the National Roofing Contractors Association, GAF Master, and other such businesses. This all sounds fancy, but what does this mean for you as a consumer?

This means you’re in the right hands. On one hand, you have a certified and licensed professional. They’re dedicated to solving your problem and giving you tips on future maintenance. On the other hand, if something goes wrong – damages from repair, negligent worker, unprofessional business demeanor, what have you – you have a way of seeking reparations. If you’re ever in doubt, this is a very easy way of knowing a business’ credentials.

A company within the LRCA might also be registered with your county’s Chamber of Commerce. This is just more assurance that you can get the services promised and that the company is willing to reach out to the community.

This may sound like a lot to consider, but once it’s in your mind, consider it passive knowledge. Knowing that your favourite contractor is registered with the LRCA is a big weight off your shoulders and keeps you from dealing with a very important problem alone. And again, if you do want to tackle this issue, the LRCA give you the knowledge and resources you need for your projects.

There’s always the option of getting in touch with that one friend or family member that’s really handy with a toolbox. It’s an easy choice for some, but just be careful. If they make a mistake, you’ll have to pay a professional to come fix their damage and the original problem. Remember to go for the safest but also most cost efficient route.