1. MYTH: Preparing for disasters
    is time-consuming and expensive.
    FACT: Signing up for local
    alerts and warnings is free. Many preparedness apps are also free.
    FACT: Your home may already
    contain emergency kit items.
    FACT: You can purchase items
    for an emergency kit and
    assemble it over time.
    FACT: Having an adequate
    emergency supply of food and a
    communication plan can be of
    benefit no matter the hazard.
  2. MYTH: My homeowners
    insurance should cover
    everything if a hurricane
    affects me.
    FACT: This is not always the
    case. Check your insurance
    policy and consult your
    insurance agent.
    FACT: Standard homeowners
    insurance does not cover flood
  3. MYTH: In an emergency, only
    first responders need to know
    what to do.
    FACT: Everyone needs to know
    what to do before, during, and
    after a hurricane to protect
    themselves, their families, and
    their neighbors.
    FACT: First responders may not
    reach you for hours or days after
    a hurricane strikes. Everyone
    needs to know what to do to
    stay safe.
  4.  MYTH: I am prepared for any
    emergency, including a
    hurricane, if I have an
    emergency kit packed.
    FACT: Emergency preparedness
    requires more than a kit.
    FACT: Having a family
    communication plan, signing up
    for alerts and warnings, and
    knowing what to do and how to
    evacuate are also important.
    FACT: Many emergencies
    require knowledge of what to do
    to protect yourself.


5. MYTH: It’s okay if I drive through a small amount of floodwater.
FACT: As little as 12 inches of
water can float smaller SUVs
and 18 inches of water can float
larger vehicles such as full-size
FACT: The depth of the water is
not always obvious, and moving
water has tremendous power.
Turn Around Don’t Drown®
FACT: Even a small amount of
water on a road may hide dangers
such as undermined roads ready
to collapse.
6. MYTH: A person can safely wait
to evacuate until confirmation
that a hurricane is in their area.

FACT: Those who wait for actual
confirmation of a hurricane may
be trapped by high winds,
flooding, or traffic.

7. MYTH: If I tape my windows, it
will protect them from strong
hurricane force winds.
FACT: Taping windows can
create larger and deadlier shards
of glass.
FACT: Hurricane shutters or
impact-resistant windows are far
more effective in protecting
against breakage of windows.