The storm has passed.

You were prepared and came through it. Property damage. Utilities out. roads blocked? You’re in the aftermath but caution there are still risks to your safety.

It is just as important to you and your family to take proper actions after the storm. Injuries can occur during rescue attempts, cleanup, and other post-storm activities. Nearly a third of the injuries result from stepping on nails. Any storm damaged power lines, gas lines, or electrical systems become a hazard.

Safety Tips
Be vigilant of hazards from exposed nails and broken glass.
Do not attempt to touch downed power lines or objects in contact with downed lines. Report electrical hazards to the police or utility company.
If it is dark when inspecting your home, use a flashlight not a candle to avoid the risk of fire or explosion.If you see sparks, or if there is smell of something burning, you should shut off the electrical system at the main breaker.
If you smell gas turn off the main gas valve, open all windows, and leave the house immediately. Notify the authorities, and do not turn on the lights, light matches, smoke, or do anything that could cause a spark. Do not return to your house until it has been deemed safe.

Be cautious of contractors approaching after the storm.

Ask to see documentation

Proof of Location of Company

Business Licence



All of the above should be easily provided from repredable contractors

For Insurance purposes

Take Photos or video of all damage before clean up

Submit all records of the damage to your insurance carrier and keep copies