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Tedlar Roofing- Emerging Technology Protecting against Salt Spray

Project Highlight Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head Island

Often in Coastal Georgia and South Carolina, the king of steep slope roofing is metal-based on longevity and aesthetics. 

In this project, we are focusing on the type of metal we used and its technology to further our mission of being trusted and preferred in the markets we serve.

In the existing photos, we can see the rusting of a steel-based panel due to its proximity to the saltwater. Best practices in coastal roofing applications that will get direct sea air or even brackish conditions will be an aluminum-based panel.  Most manufacturers offer panel finish warranties up to 20 years within close proximity to these conditions with a traditional paint coat on the aluminum panels.  Aluminum unlike steel will not rust; however, we will see oxidation of the panel due to aluminum’s affinity to oxygen.  In an application so close to the water, the concern for this condition led us to use a Tedlar PVF Film Finish rather than a typical panel finish. This allows for a 35 Year Panel Finish warranty.

Tedlar film might be an emerging technology for North America; however, Dupont has decades of experience in Europe and Japan.  From a brief overview of case studies, we have an in-depth look at installs performed from the early 90s to more recent installs. Case Study link-  https://www.dupont.com/tedlar/tedlar-building-construction.html#tedlarFilms

This project was technically sound from a design aspect but even Moreso from a logistical and install standpoint.  We would be remiss if we did not mention the tremendous pride our labor force and project management took on in being good stewards of the site while maintaining the highest level of safety. 

We appreciate the owner for their understanding during this challenging installation and CMP Metal Systems for helping design this system for our customers.

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