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Three key parts of roof maintenance to protect your asset

More than 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to failure from lack of maintenance.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial property, the roof is one of the most valuable parts of your asset. Often the roof is not thought of until it leaks. Don’t let “out of sight out of mind” decrease the life span of your roof! There are countless studies, articles, and ideas on best practices to maintain and extend the life of your roof. We have tried to condense the knowledge down to the most significant 3.

Debris Cleaning

Let’s dive into the first one, which is debris cleaning.  We can’t stop mother nature, but we can assist her with positive drainage.  While this is typically achieved in a residential application by a steep slope, most commercial properties have a flat roof.  This means water will run to gutters, downspouts, or roof drains.  These areas are notorious for collecting trash, pine straw, leaves, etc. Debris blocking the flow of water can cause ponding, leading to degradation of your roof systems. 

Organized record of repairs

The second critical part is having an organized record of repairs.  While documentation of invoiced work is helpful, the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words comes into play.   Photo documentation along with before and after repairs made/issues seen can visually represent the care taken into protecting your asset. With any type of asset, this documentation is invaluable for telling the story of your roof even if there are multiple parties involved (i.e insurance, maintenance group, multiple owners).

Trusted professional

Our last and most essential part is having a trusted professional inspect the roof.  A professional certified by the manufacturer of your roof system will have the knowledge and equipment necessary for a comprehensive inspection.  This will also maintain the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer. We see common issues ranging from punctures, open seams, previous repair attempts that only hid the underlying issues.   Whether you plan on maintaining or selling your asset these three key parts ensure any investment made is guarded for the long term.

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