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RPI Celebrates National Roofing Week 2024!

Each year, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) organizes National Roofing Week to increase awareness of how important roofs are in every home and business. This week is also used to share the good deeds of the industry, and the NRCA encourages members to participate in National Roofing Week by posting on social media in […]
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RPI Passion– Positively Influence Employees, Customers and COMMUNITY!

The future of our industry is dependent upon positively influencing the youth of today towards a passion for a career in the skilled trades. High school students, and even middle school students, are best served when presented career options in the construction industry. Xcel Mentoring and RPI Roofing partner to achieve that goal. Through RPI’s […]
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RPI Roofing Excited to be Considered a Top 100 Roofing Contractor

The results are in! Every year, roofing contractors across the nation submit their company for consideration on the Top 100 Roofing Contractors list. This list is put together each year by Roofing Contractor Magazine. RPI Roofing is both thrilled and honored to have been included in this year’s top 100 list! Despite the lack of […]
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RPI to Celebrate National Roofing Week June 5th-11th

Roofing Professionals Inc. to Recognize the Importance of Roofs, Roofing Industry During National Roofing Week, June 5-11 To raise awareness of the significance of roofs to every home and business, stress the value of professional roofing contractors, and promote the good deeds of the industry, Roofing Professionals Inc. will recognize National Roofing Week taking place […]
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Three key parts of roof maintenance to protect your asset

More than 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to failure from lack of maintenance.
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Tedlar Roofing- Emerging Technology Protecting against Salt Spray

A Protective Film For Metal Roofs that Protects Against Seawater and Salt Spray In a Coastal Climate
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